The woman who moans under the black man.


we made our plan and I, bernaya, said that there was a major problem with the car and<br />I said that a part must definitely be changed. what is your room parca<br />he asked if you wanted to go to the warehouse, I’ll take the money there and tell you<br />i’ll show you, and you can come to the waiting room, until we’re done<br />I thought you could sit down and have a cold drink. when you get the answer, immediately<br />i winked at the kids and we started walking towards the warehouse with Berna.<br />we connected it with an electric cable<br />when I looked back without warning, ugurla fatih was also following us<br />I saw.i walked into the warehouse and took a brake pad in my hand and said, this is the part, and<br />i immediately jumped on him and closed his mouth, he threw a cigarette and bit my hand, but fatih<br />and with Ugur coming right away, there’s nothing left to do with his hands right now<br />we connected it with an electric cable from the back with a piece of cloth in the mouth<br />when we connect, there is no problem, we are all almost erect<br />it was like he was going to tear our overalls off the hangers of the dress on<br />we stripped it down, there was no inner ring in it, and with all its beauty,<br />he was standing in front of us.

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Added on: October 23, 2022