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Hello, I discovered this site a few days ago.I am 25 years old and I live in Urfa<br />and I’ve been sick of my aunt’s daughter for years.This is my whole story<br />fact.If I tell you about him, he is 1.73 tall with hazel eyes, wheat skin and<br />a pretty sexy girl to pass on to my story without further ado<br />I want.<br />3 Months before that I no longer needed to fuck my aunt’s daughter<br />I thought.He goes to the classroom,he goes and comes out in front of his classroom<br />i waited.I think I waited 1.5 hours, but let’s wait<br />it was worth it.He came out of the classroom and I approached him softly with the crossbar, by chance<br />i offered to drive her home as if we had met, and she accepted without hesitation<br />he did.We talked in the car, my aunts were not at home, come with me to my office<br />he said he wanted to spend some time with my computer, why not (<br />God has given the blind an eye that he wants (two eyes).<br />We immediately moved to my office because it was Sunday, people in my office<br />no, we talked a little first.Later I found her very sexy and with her<br />i said i wanted to make love he was very surprised and wanted to go<br />He said.Of course, I couldn’t allow it, and I stopped him right away oldum.Ne until<br />even if he resisted, it’s useless to hug right away and I’ve been dreaming about it for years<br />i started stroking her ass, she was crying and I had to<br />after a few minutes, he calmed down and began to obey me.<br />With very quick movements, I peeled off his shirt and he was huge<br />i started licking her tits,she started undressing me from the room.Later<br />sit me in my office chair, unzip my zipper and play with my dick<br />it started, he sucked so hard that from time to time it felt like he was going to suffocate (my<br />the little one is very big and thick ).It was driving me crazy that he never<br />i didn’t expect it,but today was a very lucky day for me, because for 2 years such a<br />i was watching for time, I shouldn’t have lost any time.<br />I immediately stripped off those tight jeans and sat him in my seat.her crotch<br />i started sucking, it was almost going crazy, my pussy was slowly watering,gentle<br />I wanted to peel off the kilos with one movement.She is more virgin and more<br />he said we shouldn’t go too far.I’m just gonna lick your pussy and<br />i told her I was going to fuck her in the ass, she relaxed and I lowered her weight a big<br />i started licking her hairy tight pussy with pleasure and now I’m going crazy<br />he was about to squeeze my head between his two feet so hard that I can’t Decipher but<br />it was empty now.<br />He loosened up and said it was my turn, of course, I’m still stroking his pussy<br />i was playing with the ass hole with running water ( because I was unprepared cream and<br />there was no slider type thing),last for a while<br />get up and kneel in front of me and stroke my dick with gentle movements and suck<br />he started taking it, making such rhythmic movements that it was almost like his mouth<br />i was like fucking,<br />my dick had grown so big that I was afraid to fuck him in the ass,fortunately<br />i plucked up the courage and put her in position 69, slice her asshole<br />i was surprised to loosen up a little by licking my dick thoroughly and spitting in the back<br />i came to the gate of the garden i failed on my first attempt because my dick is too<br />her big ass hole was so small, I suddenly thought of the oil in the kitchen.<br />I immediately took the oil from the kitchen and came,but he insisted on sucking my squeeze<br />he wanted i couldn’t break him because I’ve been dreaming about him for years<br />I was holding.He licked my dick, sucked it, and finally I cum in his mouth, all that flows<br />he swallowed the liquid with great appetite.We made love for a long time, but my mind is that<br />he was in the beautiful ass.She took my dick in her mouth again and tried to revive it because<br />the room now wanted to feel me inside,I was sucking such a dick<br />the pile was cut off again, position 69, I took her ass hole carefully<br />i oiled it up and then I oiled my dick because it hurt and scared you for the first time<br />i didn’t want to.<br />I’m slowly starting to push the head of my dick up his ass now<br />he was in it,with a shaky and eager tone of voice, come on now, exactly what<br />if it was going to happen,but I couldn’t stop.I’ve made a light git geller now<br />pain had been replaced by pleasure, and it was obvious that he was enjoying it very much on the one hand<br />i was stroking both her pussy and her breasts with my hand, she was almost going crazy<br />after a while, he began to tremble and contract, both of us at the same time<br />we started to ejaculate.My man moans that I’m a man and long between my arms Decently<br />he lay unconscious for a while.Meet every two days and continue exactly the same<br />we’re three weeks before that, he gave me his maiden, and I’m in love with him

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