The girl, left alone, passed out.


I am a teenager studying in Ankara. I come home once a month. That gun eve<br />when I arrived, things were not Decently between my father and mother. When I came home, I<br />there was no time at my father’s house. I was watching a porn movie at home at night. O<br />then my mother came and asked what I was doing. I also said I was watching TV.<br /><br />He also asked if he was bored and would he sleep next to me. On me<br />I had to accept it with boredom. My mother is next to me with her back to me a dull<br />he was lying in the way. I was already horny by watching porn flim. O<br />I suddenly caught sight of my mother’s beautiful breasts. Stroking in a slow way<br />I started. It was very nice and soft. Her out of my mind and how I could fuck<br />I’m starting to think. At that moment I decided to go further and put my hand<br />i started running it over my mother’s pussy. Over night<br />I stripped and put my hand in his kilo. ICI warm he was.<br /><br />At that moment, I looked at my mother’s face, I think she would have liked to enjoy<br />started. I took off my nightgown further and my mother told me at that moment<br />he was saying that he wanted me very much. I started to undress my mother right<br />by robbing as. We both completely naked we stayed. Then taking my mom with him<br />we took at least nine positions. It seems like my mom always sucks cock<br />he was licking my wound. He just told me that he was sucking cock for the first time.<br />I was licking her clitoris, which is the most beautiful part of her pussy.<br /><br />His legs were in the air… We were four corners of pleasure. My<br />my mother, who understands my future, takes my cock out of her mouth and takes it inside me<br />he said he wanted to. So I put his legs up in the air and took him on my shoulder. O<br />I started to smell a good wet pussy. All in two sniffs<br />he took my cock inside. We started to go fast and come fast. Him<br />on the one hand, I was opying and on the other hand, I was coming and going. Don’t let me come into her mouth<br />I asked him to give it and lick it. The licking began without any objection. In The Mouth<br />i started ejaculating. He swallowed all my sperm.<br /><br />Then he said that he was going to do bonya himself and went to the bathroom. Of course, I<br />I was lying down and trying to sleep. My cock started getting up again. His<br />I went to him and entered the bonyo. She soaped her head in the room that I came<br />when he realized, he asked me to soap his back. So I started sobbing. O<br />when I got on her beautiful ass, I started stroking it. Then to my mother<br />I approached and put him against the wall. rubbing my cock on your ass<br />I’ve started.<br /><br />Mom said you can’t take him in. I’m soapy by not listening to him<br />I started pressing on the goth that happened. Slowly entering the interior<br />it began. in the first minutes, my mother screamed a little, but still to get that pleasure<br />when he starts, he leaves himself to lead the way to the peaks of pleasure<br />it began. I emptied him into his goth, and he was very happy about it.<br /><br />At the moment, I am happy in the room. We always go to the heights of pleasure. O what<br />he asks for time and we do it wherever he wants. We didn’t make the house a place either<br />no more

Added on: November 10, 2022