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hello story readers, I will move on to my story immediately. my story tamananen<br />fact. we are a mature couple.for a long time with a couple we met on the net<br />we were Kanus .at the end we decided to get together in separate cities<br />we invited the couple we met because we were. tarik and aysun couple<br />they found our invitation positive and decided to come to<br />we made our preparations on the date we determined our friends<br />we wanted them to come .they set out on that date. and they came to us.<br />they picked themselves up at a certain point. we brought it to our house. evening hours<br />since we had prepared the table in advance, Tarik and aysun took a shower<br />and we sat down at the dinner table and chatted while hende ate our meals<br />i prepared raki, I brought it to the table, we were drinking alcohol with the food<br />we were talking very comfortably because we had met each other before. aysun<br />he was sitting next to me next to my wife, next to tarığ, as time passed, cakir<br />we were enjoying it, I was stroking the moon, tarikta was stroking my wife. i quite<br />i was excited, I put my hand between Aysu’s crotch, caressing her pussy Decently<br />i approached, and aysunda was spreading her legs and inviting me. my hand<br />it felt like my heart would stop when you got your pussy. me in her chubby pretty pussy<br />she brought it to the climax, I put my hand under her skirt into her weight pussy<br />wet my fingers between the lips of the warm pussy Decked into<br />while stinging, aysun closed her eyes and made a sound called ooohhh. by the way<br />we were doing the same things to my wife in tarikta, my wife’s eyes were deep<br />he was taking deep breaths, sweating beads and beads in the tariq<br />aysun held out her hand to my dick, my lumbering cock over her pants<br />he was stroking<br />. i unzipped my zipper and put aysun’s hand inside her kilo aysun<br />she grabbed my dick with ambition and began to stroke it with ambition, we both zezkin<br />we were at their peak. tariq stood up, opened his zipper, took out his cock<br />he gave it to my wife’s mouth, my wife began to suck passionately, aysunda. ( ) my<br />he took out my dick and began to suck it passionately, we were going to the heights of pleasure.<br />we were almost empty. we took our wives and went to the bedroom.the cot<br />we laid it on the edge. i got between my wife’s legs in the Decadence of aysun<br />we started licking their pussies with ambition as much as our tongue entered their pussies<br />aysun and my wife were licking their stinging pussy juices with pleasure and my wife screams of pleasure<br />he beats. he sucks each other’s lips and tongues into the ground and<br />they were licking.their hands were caressing their beautiful breasts as if they were tearing them off<br />finally, aysun poured the waters of lust into the web of tarığ in my wife.<br />come on moaning, our men, sokon, put out our fire inside us<br />they were moaning, I told my wife aysuna tarikta, until our cocks were in our balls<br />we rooted our wives were moaning while sucking and caressing each other again<br />they were titting and ejaculating, so we put all our cum in the skins of their pussies<br />he emptied it, we want to meet with mature couples like us. this is the first<br />after our shawl, we returned to the table again. and then you know in the morning<br />we had very good memories as a group in so many different positions.<br />we recommend it to all of you. we want to experience it again.

Added on: November 6, 2022