The black chick gives her mouth hard.


– Hi, I’m Cem, welcome, you are the wife of Musharraf in any case.<br />- E.,. yes As if the reason for my pause was his sincere speech to my wife<br />I am a foreigner and he is the husband of Musharraf. We sat down and had a cup of tea, Cem<br />he constantly compliments my wife, and my wife responds with laughter<br />it had been a very friendly atmosphere. On the one hand, I resent this sincerity<br />on the one hand, I was part of the conversation without showing it. By the way, my wife’s Dec<br />not to see the freaks my wife gave to Mr. Cem sitting opposite<br />it was impossible because Cem brain’s eye gave me a wife under the table<br />He was looking. I wonder what kind of image there was under the table provoked my anger<br />he couldn’t stop me from being. I said offf anyway. I asked permission and got up<br />i went to my place of work. It was obvious what to do was to enjoy and also my wife told me<br />to see his betrayal with my eyes, or even to photograph it somehow, or<br />it was to get it on camera. After that day, I was allowed to leave my workplace for one reason or another<br />i was trying to follow Mr. Cem with my wife, but both of them were alone<br />I never saw him leaving work. I wonder if I’m alone<br />i was thinking of slander, my opinion was just a business relationship<br />it was preventable. I didn’t know what to do, both of them were not open at all.<br />After a while, my wife went to have a picnic with her colleagues on the weekend<br />he said if you want them to leave, I can come too. First I said ok<br />but then when he says, “if you want, come with me," it’s like he’s telling me not to come<br />He came. Yes, the day I was waiting for had come, this time something was going to happen for sure.<br />- No, honey, I was thinking about the things I had to take care of at work that day<br />yes, you go enjoy yourself. I said, there was a false sullenness on his face. Good<br />okay, what should we do, if you look at it, then you’ll come in time.said. And that day has come<br />we got up early in the morning and Musharraf started to get ready.<br />the piece wore a dress with a floral top as a continuation of a skirt below the knee<br />she was sleeveless on the side and again low-cut dress with chest sneakers socks<br />no smooth legs white thong was a full drink of water. When leaving the child<br />he was asleep and gave the instructions.<br />- Honey, when the child wakes up, you can have breakfast and then go for a walk<br />all of it, my dear.<br />- Of course, my dear, don’t worry.<br />At this time, the car horn was heard, my wife excitedly said, oh, here they are<br />he ran to the window, waved and came out with a kiss on my cheek. Glass<br />I looked. There was a minibus full of people, work colleagues and their wives set off<br />were set off. Their destination was a mountainous and wooded place outside the city.<br />Our child woke up, I had his breakfast and after dressing him up<br />i took it straight to my mother-in-law. In the meantime, close to 2 hours had passed Dec and<br />i couldn’t fit in, I took my camera and headed straight to where they were going<br />I bought. When I got close to where they were having a picnic, I got out of the car and walked<br />i started looking for the van a while later the van and my wife’s work<br />i found your friends the terrain is wooded and rocky so I don’t follow<br />it was easy going. Everyone is immersed in conversation, ladies are lighting a barbecue, men<br />he was chatting, and my wife is both helping with the work and with Mr. Cem<br />what I noticed was that he was interested in Mr. Cem without telling the others<br />my wife was spreading her legs, and the man’s eyes were like a fortune teller<br />because she was dying. Food was eaten, drinks were drunk, his wife was around<br />he went on a trip, of course. My wife and Mr. Cem also have the opportunity to disperse everyone<br />purposely putting a distance between them and the cliffs there is the exact opposite of everyone Decently<br />by looking around them towards the side, gradually disappear<br />they disappeared. Yes, this was the moment I was waiting for, my predictions had not been in vain. But<br />there was a problem, I was on the wrong side, and I had to go there, try a little<br />after a while, I reached the direction they were going with my camera<br />there was no sound, no people, there were rocks and only a few trees. 20-25<br />meters inside my wife Musharraf’s skirt from the edge of a cliff<br />i saw it swinging. I quietly crossed to a place where I could see in their crosshairs<br />i couldn’t even breathe, I turned on my camera and yes<br />I was not wrong in my thoughts, my wife Musharraf Cem is a big man bent down in front of his brain and<br />she licks his thick dick greedily inside her man’s mouth<br />he was almost making his cock dance. My anger is almost finished, my cock is a pile<br />it was starting to look like. It was a beautiful sight. Your Mouth<br />deep inside, she loses her man’s cock and takes it out again to his balls<br />he was licking it up and enjoying it quite a lot. Mr. Cem, his eyes<br />holding Musharraf’s hair with both hands closed and holding his mouth to his cock<br />he was pushing. After a while, Musharraf stood up and put his hands on the rock<br />he leaned his hip slightly to Cem Bey and started shaking his eyes<br />she is faintly looking at Cem bey for him to fuck with his gaze<br />he was issuing invitations. Cem’s cock is outside without taking off his pants<br />wetting her head, she gathered my wife’s skirt around her waist, her thong on her hips<br />he picked it up, rubbed it on her cunt a couple of times, then suddenly inserted it. My partner<br />”Ohhhhhhh very nice go on darling Ahhhhhh" she provoked the man<br />had been. Cem, on the other hand, put Musharraf’s waist with one hand into his badisi<br />she was kneading her breasts with her other hand. In the position my wife likes the most<br />it was already. They continued to fuck in this way for quite a few times. Later<br />the man I’m coming. He said he came out of it and got down on his knees to my wife<br />he started emptying his cum into her mouth. I have already flown, what already<br />I had no pants left, no weight that didn’t sink, I was dirty everywhere. Later<br />they stood up, straightened their tops and went to their friends<br />they Decamped as the distance between them

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