Redhead Girl Looks Like A Humble Angel But She Can Surprise You


Hello dear readers, I am 18 years old and a handsome boy in my name<br />Brave.Dimple and I met face to face and we fell in love with each other and<br />we were lovers, he was in Izmir, and I was in Alanya as soon as the schools were over, his<br />i went to him and we did nice things with him in 3 months, and then<br />i started college, i was studying in Izmir now and we were in the same school every Dec<br />when it was given, we would see each other and talk and kiss.One day we were talking<br />-Valiant, I am very level with you<br />+i said sleep, I’ll eat you, and it’s all over, eat at that moment, fuck my head<br />he pressed it, I was surprised, and immediately undressed, and then he came and said I want you, he<br />the moment I was over, I was horny and I got naked, but we just made love, he didn’t take it in<br />he said let’s get me married and we got engaged right away 1 week later<br />we got married that night, I was so excited and it was so beautiful in the wedding dress<br />when we really went to our room, we sat down first and then we kissed jack daniels<br />we had a drink or something, and then he threw me on the bed and undressed me, and then he undressed himself.<br />the tits had gone instead of the more beautiful ones, and the pussy had just been shaved<br />i was immediately smacked on the pussy for 5 minutes after I licked her tits or something, I kissed her<br />i squeezed it, I licked it, I said are you doing it for the first time, the room said no, I was devastated<br />then he said a joke and laughed, I was going to fuck that tight ass, and then I gave him a blowjob<br />i knew from the pornos I watched, I told him to throw his tongue at the tip 10-15 min<br />after licking it, I was ready to get into it.I fucked her in an instant and 5 min<br />i fucked hilzi fast, the blood was flowing, I looked, I cried, I immediately came out and<br />i stopped, my insides were torn apart, and in an instant he pushed himself and took my cock inside<br />you know, I wasn’t fucking him, he was fucking me, now it’s time to head up his ass<br />my finger wouldn’t go into it, but I came up with an idea, I tied your mouth<br />she tore her wedding dress a little and got angry, but I didn’t care at once<br />i rooted in his ass, he screamed so much that Izmir would moan if I didn’t tie a few of them<br />until after 30 min fln i fucked like this and ejaculated inside, then I looked<br />i passed out, I woke up fln, then we kissed bi 10 min fln to the bathroom<br />i came into the room while I was taking a shower, I threw it in the bathroom in the mail, it’s 23 now<br />i am old and I have 1 son named Burhan with a dimple when we found the opportunity<br />we fuck, but Burhan interferes and I really like dimple..

Added on: December 12, 2022