Mick Blue Fucks His Step-Daughter’s Tight Ass After School


hello, my name is hakan, I am a dentist and I am completely real to you,<br />I want to tell you about my sobering moment, a turning point for me. Right now<br />i am 30 years old, but at that time I was only 23 years old and graduated from school<br />after it happened, I was on duty at the hospital at one end of the anadolu. any<br />it was an environment I didn’t know, and thanks to your doctor friends, I’ll be left to myself<br />i found an apartment.at first I didn’t go out of the house much<br />from home to work, from work to home, until Susan met. susan is the same as me<br />he lived on the same floor in the apartment. he was 39 years old and married, but his children<br />has been. her husband was working in a factory,sometimes also working at night<br />he was leaving and things weren’t going Decently between them. they often fought, and I<br />I often heard them shouting at each other. of course, time<br />I would also witness them making love. this situation would drive me crazy and<br />i used to satisfy myself by thinking about Susan where I was sitting. 23 years old<br />although I am not a lieutenant national, I am seriously a female friend of mine<br />there wasn’t even a room until it mattered. i met Susan over time.<br />at the time we met, we were getting along and working on our feet from strength to strength two<br />we had become a couple of words. amatabi was talking to suzan at this time<br />i was cutting him in such a way that he would understand that after a certain period of time<br />I noticed that he was looking at me meaningfully. among you<br />i forgot to mention Susan’s physique. susan, as you might have guessed,<br />she was not a very beautiful sexy woman in the sense that we know, but she made me<br />she had a unique beauty and femininity. then one day suzan<br />he came to the hospital under the pretext of getting his teeth done. i use dental fillings<br />I did, but when I did, I felt bad. because I was wearing fabric pants and<br />i was leaning against Susan’s body whether I wanted to or not when I filled it<br />the bad thing is, this was enough to get my dick going right away<br />and whether I want to or not, my stone-like device blushes when it touches suzana<br />I was spoiling it, but I also really liked it. you liked it at the moment<br />it will happen that he acted as if nothing had happened.after the examination, suzan<br />that she has problems with her husband, to talk sincerely to each other<br />do you mind if he calls me from time to time that he needs<br />she asked. I said that I would be pleased and that you could call without hesitation.already<br />whatever happened happened after that. susan one night when her husband was not at home<br />he called me around one in half an hour and he’s gonna talk about how he can’t sleep<br />he said he needed someone. i was on TV at the time<br />i was watching emanuel. word of mouth and what are you doing this is the night<br />when I said it was time, I gathered all my courage and told him that I was watching manuella.<br />whatever you like to say about it. if you watch these, you need to cum<br />okay, and you’re single, how can you put up with this movie without doing anything<br />nanny. i’m right again with all my courage and the face I found from him<br />i didn’t stop, he didn’t call me, I said I’d be ejaculating right now. room<br />tell me that if I let him, he can bring me himself by phone<br />He said.i hesitated for a moment, but he was so experienced in control<br />he took it in his hand and made love to me as if it were real. so me<br />it was almost like we were really together and I was directing<br />i exploded. but my excitement and fever had not yet returned, of course, naturally<br />he has it. so I made her an offer, underwear from the doorway<br />i told him I wanted to see him and he immediately agreed. drink sexi<br />she put on her clothes and opened the door, quietly looked great.him<br />I began to desire more and more. i put it in my head that day that a<br />first, I was going to succeed, I wanted to do it now, and I immediately made another offer<br />i did, I told him to close the door and open it again after 2 minutes.<br />2 minutes later he opened the door and when he saw me naked in front of him<br />I noticed that his eyes were open like a falcon’s stone. my dick is too big<br />that you are and that you want to make love to me, more to each other<br />he told us not to persecute. he was right and I invited him to my house. mine first<br />he insisted that I come to his house, but in the end I immediately<br />he came wearing a T-shirt and shorts. now the time had come.<br />I was cokheyecanli.it was the first time I was this close to a woman.indoor<br />as soon as he entered, I immediately attacked him, as if he was rabid. o<br />I was stroking her beautiful buttocks, cupping her, squeezing her. also<br />i pressed my lips to his, sucking on his lips with all my might. i’m dying of excitement<br />i thought. I was so excited that I lost myself. then again he<br />he took over the management, lay down on the floor.<br /><br />we mutually removed what was on us. on him only<br />he had a lace-up pilot, and I was naked. kisses slowly<br />he ordered me to stop and calm down. i’m saying he ordered it because I’m an apprentice<br />and he was a master. derseyapaca what I was. kissing and licking slowly<br />i started first with your lips, then your neck, your shoulders, and then<br />i was touching and licking her breasts, a woman’s breasts for the first time<br />think about my excitement. then I got down on my feet and slowly<br />i went upstairs and I was right on top of the honey box.<br />i lost myself and started sucking like crazy. lacy kilotunu<br />even cikarmagereg I’ve felt. now he, too, has become unbearable<br />and heme would lose weight. the peach was in front of me, here I was again licking and<br />i was starting to sigh that come on, I can’t take it anymore, finish my job, s.k<br />let’s drink me. Come on. he said i want to be yours, but I want my dick<br />i didn’t even know how to get inside her peach yet. that<br />he understood, and without even describing it, he held me with his hand in a knife like<br />stung the inside of the Peach. come on, he said it’s now, and he just told me<br />it was left to go and come in his peach. oh my god, mmmmm, that was a pleasure<br />like this. i felt myself in a dream, in Susan’s peach, a step forward<br />go back and I was just coming. suzanda, I was crazy too.<br /><br />ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh the sounds were mixed together. then<br />first I felt the silence coming, and then I was just about to come<br />she said don’t cum inside me and said she wanted my dick in her mouth i’m a<br />for a while, after plunging deeper into his chest and stinging and stinging<br />after removing it, I came out when I was about to tampon and put it in Suzan’s mouth<br />patlayiverdim. that much excitement had already increased enough for me overnight.<br />suzan and I kissed again, and I sent her home. of course, that was a start.<br />suzan and I were together again and again until I returned to Ankara<br />until. by the way, Suzan raised me Decently as a man. about sex<br />i owed Suzana everything I knew. thank you, suzanne, my first<br />you were my darling and my love..

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