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In front of the low window opening to the balcony as I held Fulya by the arm<br />I took it, took the pillow on the bed, left it on the window sill and took Fulya<br /><a href=”https://stpribor.com/” title=”izmit escort”>izmit escort</a>i rolled over the pillow so that her shoulders were out of the window and<br />I got behind him and put my dick in his box at once. With my hands<br />i stretched his body with his hands on his ass and never stopped<br />I started going in and out of his hole without resting. The city in the dark of night<br />your pleasure under me, moaning and making little screams under the lights<br />when I took my dick out of Fulya’s hole and looked at the climaxes,<br />I saw your lips wrap around my dick like an octopus and suck it in.<br />I continued to be struck for minutes by this sight and the fire of sexuality.<br />Fulya, who understands that I am on the verge of orgasm, pushes me quickly with my dick<br />bent over in front of him, he masturbates with his hands on my cane and every moment<br />she passionately opens her lips to grab my sperm that will pop out<br />he was closing it, licking his lips.<br /><br />Shaking and trembling, I gave her the happiness she was waiting for, on her hands and face<br />he licked my Decaying sperm like a hungry pussy and took it between his lips<br />and he cleaned it with care. We threw ourselves on the bed for minutes<br />we rested without speaking. What what happened means to us<br />although I am partially ashamed when I start to think, Yılmaz deserves it<br />I was just thinking. While I am resting under these thoughts, Fulya<br />he got on top of me again and started sucking my dick. This wonderful atmosphere<br />it was impossible for me to stand, and my cane was harder and steeper now. Control<br />He was on Fulya and he came up to me with coy movements and put my cane in his hole<br />he planted it. He was stroking his own breasts with both hands, and I with my hands<br />i was squeezing her butt from behind. In truly magnificent softness<br />the part of her ass that does not burn from the sun in an exquisite skin color is the color of milk<br />and it was in the shape of her bathing suit.

Added on: November 2, 2022