His half-sister wanted to be with him.


<p>They were actually driving the car towards the beach and every time they stopped<br />he was taking advantage of the opportunity and hitting on my wife. There are two secluded beaches around here<br />they pulled the car over there. There was a car and 3 people where they pulled up. Chief<br />he got out of the car and talked to the guys. He would return to my wife and call my wife to him<br />when he got out of the car and went to them, the men hugged and hugged my wife.<br /><br />My wife pushed the men away and smiled. And to take off her clothes and put on her bikini<br />it started, the guys didn’t understand what was going on at first. And my wife turned and I went to the sea<br />he came in and said, prepare your dicks. Guys overboard my wife<br />as soon as he entered, they immediately undressed and went after him. My wife Decked out in the sea<br />they took it and started fucking. They were caressing, sucking and kissing everywhere. My Wife<br />they took the two of them between them and fucked them from front to back. Dec. On the third man<br />he was standing next to them, giving his cock to my wife’s hand and stroking it. My wife and I<br />the men came out of the water with their empty work finished. My wife is naked<br />her breasts were swaying to the right and left. They were coming out of the sea hand in hand with the men<br />at that time, the chief was filming them with a camera in his hand. My wife porn<br />like a star, he kissed the camera and hugged his chef, calling him my husband.<br /><br />I immediately grabbed my phone and called my wife’s number. My wife sulking<br />he handed the phone to his chief and asked him to say that he was at sea. In Chief<br />i put the word in your mouth when you told me this, and I know what happened, but<br />I told my wife not to let me know about this or bad things would happen. Okay<br />he told me to fuck all my wife’s holes again and do it on camera<br />I asked him to pull it out and send it to me, and I grabbed it. Give my wife the phone and lie<br />they covered up and started making out again.</p>

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