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We watched a movie together during the day, and we never talked about the incident. But Semra and I were sitting at the bottom, hand in hand. There was no love between us, but we were Decently attracted to each other. porn is weird in every way, and I have nothing to say to him anyway. We took each other’s phones, we texted and talked on the phone every day, and we met and hung out whenever we had the opportunity. He was as horny as I was. That’s why he didn’t avoid sticking to my lips at every opportunity. We agreed a week later, he would come to us again. He even told me to buy lubricant this time. He had come home towards noon. We were comfortable that Beyza was outside. He jumped on me saying, ‘My love, I was so special to you,’ and he was kissing me like crazy. We made love and went into my bedroom.

Added on: October 19, 2022