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We didn’t have dinner, Yilmaz around 21 o’clock without saying anything<br />he left, took medication and went to bed because my wife had a migraine, so only<br />he could wake up hours later. I go out on the balcony of the apartment and sunbathe<br />I lay down and just started to rest. After a while, two cold hands<br />Fulya came to the balcony with a can of beer, it was obvious from every state that she was nervous,<br />he’s got a shabby coat on. Give me a beer on the seat opposite me<br />sat. After a long silence, Fulya fervently<br />To explain with examples what Yılmaz did, that he constantly cheated on him<br />started. I was listening to Fulya without interfering with any words, telling her<br />I was waiting for him to relax. Fulya goes in every now and then and drinks new beers Decently<br />he was bringing it.<br /><br />It was past 23 o’clock at night and he still hadn’t finished telling. From Beer<br />i was slightly piqued, meanwhile speaking Decisively<br />Fulya’s movements were also scattered, she began to sit carelessly.<br />From time to time, the frilly mini skirt underneath opens up and Decays into gold<br />the soft flesh of the legs, trembling from the yellow calves, was visible.<br />In the words and sentences used by Fulya during her narration, the subject<br />in terms of its content, it has become increasingly eroticized and almost like sex movie lines<br />he had returned. Ecstatic with the anger of being cheated on<br />When talking about Yılmaz, this angry and hectic speech of his<br />he Decisively lost control of his legs inside, as if for a moment<br />it felt like there was no laundry in it, and the brownness between the legs Decayed<br />caught my eye. I focused my attention evasively between the legs and Decamped to a<br />the moment I caught her idle, she really wasn’t in panties<br />I realized.

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