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i am writing from samsun.I am 20 years old.I have a neat physique.my name<br />hasan..there is a woman named Sevgi living in our neighborhood.also<br />our neighbor.he’s an accountant.she’s married.close to her husband<br />i know him.room accountant.anyway..<br /><br />1 month ago, we met her husband Murat in the neighborhood.send me to ankara this week<br />he told me that he would go if the love one wanted me to..so if he needs<br />i was going to help.blah, blah, blah…the next day he was gone..evening eve<br />i was coming.i pressed their bell..i said, sister love, do you need something<br />i asked.he said to me, would you buy sampan and bread.i said i’ll take what<br />so..anyway, I went to the store and bought what they wanted..I went home…<br /><br />he thanked me.i was just going down the stairs to the staff when hasan was in the office behind me<br />i forgot my canta, he said, you’re for work, or will you take it.and we said yes to that.key<br />by handing it to me, I can be in the bathroom, if you come, leave the canta inside<br />said.good I said.i got the bottle, I came.i opened the door.i got inside.from the bathroom<br />the water was gettin’ loud.i’m in the devil’s dust.no one is already at home<br />no..I approached the bathroom.<br /><br />I began to look through the hole in the door.no, not such a body..my dick is upright<br />It has happened.i took my dick out of my pants and started rubbing it.a maniac<br />kadinmiss.i figured you were getting out of the bathroom.I immediately went into the living room.this<br />he doesn’t know I’m in there, of course.bring your glasses to the living room<br />put it..on the contrary, I was there.god has entered into bi.I integrated behind the bumper<br />I’m sitting.the woman became strange.it was squeaky.i was seeing your pussy.embarrassed<br />was certain..he wrapped the towel around alrak ustune.<br /><br />he said you weren’t here.i said sorry, sister, I brought the cantata<br />I said.he couldn’t say anything.but my dick was still like a stake.Almost<br />i will attack.i got up, I thought I’d leave if you wanted, I said if there were any problems.go<br />he couldn’t say, Of course.he said I should dress my master.immediately to the bedroom<br />gone.I couldn’t stand.I immediately went after him.the woman’s yuzu was agitated.older sister<br />I said, you’re very nice, believe me, I said.

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