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I live in the tourist resort of Egede.One day I am my friend’s wife<br />he came to my workplace, we had a little chat and started playing backgammon.Then I<br />I beat Sevil.Sevil hanım if you are free in the evening, come and we will continue at home<br />said.I said ok because my friend works at night.Take the beers home in the evening<br />I went.<br /><br />She opened the door in a pretty and attractive low-cut dress.The purpose of backgammon<br />it was clear that he was in other things.We started backgammon in these Decadent beers<br />drinking.Occasionally, the topic of sexuality is discussed. Dec.Of course, I’m backgammon again<br />i won.<br /><br />We agreed on getting a massage and I reached out to massage sevil<br />started.He asked me to undress to my underwear because he wasn’t comfortable and put it on me<br />I don’t know if my brother is giving such a good massage or stroking.Then<br />i took it under my amlede.<br /><br />We started kissing, almost eating each other.We were both undressed.69<br />we took the position that she was taking my dick in her mouth and sucking it so hard<br />I can’t tell you.I wasn’t idle either, I got your cunt soggy with my tongue Decently<br />i’m taking a finger.<br />I put my leg on my shoulder and rooted so hard that he called me a man<br />it was maddening.How many times have we ejaculated that night, neither I nor sevil remember<br />she knew.The only thing he said to me was this, and since that day we have been together many times<br />we oluyoruz in.<br /><br />If there are any ladies who want to join us or just want to be with me<br />if there is a lady, she can write to me, you will definitely not be left unanswered.<br />I wish you lots of sexy days

Added on: November 3, 2022