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My name is Nejdet I’m going to high school 3, the event I’ll tell you is the nearest<br />the sex adventure I had with my classmate Hussein’s Mother.School season<br />it had just opened, we had just met Hussein, time inside the school<br />as time passed, we realized that we had a lot in common with Hussein, and over time this<br />common views had given way to sincerity Now with Hüseyin everywhere<br />we were leaving, so we spent a lot of days together outside.Meanwhile, Hussein<br />his father was a very rich tradesman, we usually went to his shops, his father was 50<br />he was about his age, he was a person who was fond of his work.Huseyinla with many girls at school<br />we went out and even went to the general house, you know, a little for our flight<br />we were fond of.One day, back from school, after going out with the girls, with Hussein<br />we went to their house, I was going to the Huseyn’s for the first time<br />when we knocked on the door, her mother opened the door, her mother was wearing a turban<br />big ass in a long wide skirt having her skirt wide is that big ass<br />she wasn’t hiding, she’s 45 years old, big, thick-legged, very beautiful alone<br />she was a very well-groomed woman, so she was a woman that everyone would want to fuck<br />his name was Güler Hüseyin when we entered the room, he was sweating in the shower<br />he said he was going to take it and went to the bathroom, so I started with a laughing aunt with a big ass<br />i was left at the beginning to tell me how you were from classes and how the school was going<br />he said i’m fine, i said it’s not bad, we talked a little out of thin air<br />He asked if I would drink a coke, I said I would too, Laughing auntie, to buy a coke<br />that big ass looked great when I went to the kitchen for Hussein’s dad<br />Uncle November, could he feed this ass and pussy, anyway, he came to my coke<br />how could I see and reach this ass and pussy while drinking<br />i was thinking, Aunt Güler, while unaware of everything, talking from the air to the water<br />continued,<br /><br />Hussein came out of the bathroom and his mother told me that I could take a shower too<br />he said I didn’t accept, but when Huseyinta insisted, I went into the bathroom<br />i locked the door, and what do I see, the dirty laundry basket is standing in the corner<br />she immediately shuffles the basket and laughs, enveloping that big ass and pussy of her aunt<br />I found your lacy red panties and those big panties are yellowing touching your pussy<br />i put their places in my head and kooooooked to the fullest of my laughing aunt’s pussy and<br />the places where your ass touched smelled so good, so my best friend’s<br />it was the smell of her mother’s pussy, then she took off her panties and rubbed them on my dick<br />i cum on your panties to the fullest, The red Panties had already turned white<br />then I washed the panties and left them in the same place, but the panties are your laundry<br />it was a little hard to dry between them, Laughing aunt could Decipher. Getting out of the bathroom<br />i went into the room, sat for a while, then left, but my mind is always laughing<br />it was at the aunt’s. It had been a week since Hussein Decamped with his girlfriend<br />he was going to meet, so I was going to go home, I thought that Hussein was not even at home<br />i was even going to go to their house and ask Aunt Hussein to laugh at their house<br />when I left, Aunt Güler opened the door as I was waiting, I looked at Hussein<br />when I asked if he was at home, he said he wasn’t, so when I turned around and left, Hussein<br />he said if you want to come, wait inside and have a drink, so I<br />i gladly accepted, and when I went inside, she laughs again over your aunt<br />she had a long wide skirt, but Aunt Güler gives me meaningful looks<br />she was doing it while sitting in front of me, her long skirt lifted a little so I<br />i was excited, her white leg meat looked like my dick is like a stone<br />there had been a laughing aunt had noticed a laughing aunt turning to me red<br />i was shocked when I was told that you washed my panties, and on the one hand I was happy<br />shaking my head, I said yes, so why did I wash the truth to me<br />he asked me to tell him, so I said okay, when he told me about the incident, opening his legs<br />showing her white panties underneath, she said to wash this too, so I’ll wash it<br />but he said that I would wash the one under it too, saying okay, he called to him wide<br />getting under the skirt, kissing her legs, licking up and<br />i was licking her pussy and ass over her panties and coming out from under the skirt<br />when I came up to her breasts, I took off her bra and her nipples<br />i was sucking, both were great, Laughing auntie was going to take off your turban, i<br />i told her to stay it’s sexier that way when i take off her skirt it’s white<br />her lacy Panties looked great while laying the laughing aunt in your panties<br />i was licking your pussy to the fullest on the place where Husey came out with my mouth<br />i was licking, took off your panties, sniffed to the fullest and laughed at your aunt’s little<br />i took her hairy cunt that came out in my mouth and licked it to its fullest again later 69<br />she got into the position and I was sucking her pussy in the room, almost sucking my dick<br />i was drinking the pussy juice that my friend came out with and then fucked up Ass<br />i licked her hole and when she was ready to be fucked, she stuck it to her full<br />i cum again, giving it to her mouth, I made her lift my dick to her hairy pussy in turn<br />he came, I fucked his pussy so much that Aunt Güler was almost mad under me<br />We continue to have frequent fucks with Aunt Güler and aunt Güler<br />she gave me her red Panties as a gift

Added on: December 21, 2022