Double Mature Men Fuck Their Petite Stepdaughters Penelope And Coco


hi, I’m a 33-year-old married man. this story happened 2 months ago.<br />there’s an incident,I’m selling building materials, I have a neighbor where I’m located<br />she’s a brunette stunner. i discovered him the first day I opened the store, he looks at a person<br />it’s like he’s eating it up.our relationship with him first developed through looks and<br />it continued all the way to bed. this lady is married and has no children.his wife is the second<br />he got married, but he doesn’t have a child from his first wife, anyway, about us<br />back. she’s in building 4 right next to me. he’s sitting on the floor. 1 of this building<br />and 2 floors are empty. our meetings are happening on these floors with excitement<br />I’m waiting. it was such a day again, it happened in the evening, I closed my workplace<br />i was about to contact him and I went up to the 1st floor and waited for him and he came<br />immediately caress her tits over your clothes<br />I started.he began to pass out, and his clothes on him gradually<br />i started to take off, it was my turn to take off my clothes<br />I made him horny by making him take off my clothes. later his<br />I started sucking on her orange-sized tits. wife in my arms<br />he started moaning. i immediately Decked her down and landed between her legs.<br />I started licking his lips.writhing on my horse like a snake, fuck now<br />he would call me.I had no intention of fucking right away. the wife had a pussy, believe me<br />even my thumb was barely getting in. sucking my dick in her mouth and sucking it<br />I wanted to suck, it was obvious that he was a novice in this business. having absorbed it beautifully<br />then I started rubbing my dick against your wife’s pussy, she’s under me<br />writhing like a snake as he holds our cock, he smokes me with his leg on the pussy<br />she pulled towards herself, my dick entered her pussy hard, but her wife screamed<br />i said he threw, he got caught . when you enter and exit the wife, your wife’s moans increase<br />i want you more now so fuck me until this time my husband like this<br />saying that you would be a slave slave to her, kara keeps fucking me more<br />he makes me horny and I said I’m coming to him, don’t get out of the room, don’t cum inside me<br />when he said he wanted to, we both walked around shaking. my dick in the cunt<br />she started sucking by taking off, this dick is both kissed and loved, and her slave is her slave<br />he says it happens. after that day, we had this fuck with him almost every day. one<br />our child, Olda, was very, very happy with her poor husband. news from you<br />I’ve been waiting

Added on: November 24, 2022