Dasha Frost – My Poor Ass First Strength Test… It Was Hard!


Both My And My Lover’s Virginity Is Gone<br /><br />i am 30 years old and I was living in a county by the sea. The same age as me<br />i have a girlfriend and we’ve never fucked. He’s a little 1.50 tall<br />tefek… has a physique reminiscent of porn star Amai Lui…<br /><br />One day we went on a picnic alone to a wooded area by the sea. The two of us<br />there was also one family besides. In order not to be disturbed by their noise<br />we found a secluded place among the rocks Decently ahead. We lit our fire,<br />we cooked the meat and fed our bellies. Then a little bit on the rocks<br />we wanted to walk around. At that time, my lover’s foot slipped and fell into the sea.<br />Fortunately, it didn’t hit the rocks. Only he was soaked from head to toe. Wet<br />if he walked around in clothes, he could get sick. I said let’s take it out and dry it.<br />Unwillingly, he took off his clothes. It was the first time I saw it coming out.<br />Despite her short stature, she looked very sexy. Kilot and bra<br />her breasts and pussy were visible because she was wet. This painting makes me very<br />he got horny and I started to stick to his lips and caress his body. Me<br />he did not resist. After taking off her panties and bra as well, I undressed myself.<br /><br />I started licking her pussy. He was tiny. I’m still so little in my life<br />i didn’t fuck a girl with a pussy. I spread my own clothes on the floor and my lover<br />i laid it on it. I put my cock against her pussy. He wasn’t coming in. Actually<br />my cock is not very big. Only 16 cm… My lover’s pussy is very<br />it was narrow. I started to push it slightly with my finger. First 1 then 2<br />i stuck my finger in. Now her pussy was ready. I put your head down again<br />he got into her pussy… even though it was hard for him. My darling gave a slight scream.<br />I started going slowly. Then I inserted the whole thing. Soon<br />i ejaculated. I enjoyed it tremendously. When I took out my cock that it was covered with blood<br />I saw. Turns out she was a virgin. “For the first time I’m doing it. Was very zevli. Anymore<br />we’ll do it whenever we get the chance." said.<br /><br />It also happened as he said. We started doing it whenever we got the opportunity.<br /><br />One day we decided to go to the castle. The castle is a one that sees the whole city<br />he was on the hill. When we got to the walls of the castle, we could see the city of Tuş. Castle<br />there were chambers in their walls. Our goal was to do it there. Inside the walls<br />there were others from us too. It wouldn’t have happened while they were around. Evening for him<br />we waited for their hour to approach. When the evening hours approach, no one<br />there were none left. It had become dim. We lit a fire in the chamber. In my backpack<br />there was a rug, I took it out and laid it out. We started fucking… Now her pussy<br />he was used to my cock. She wasn’t suffering.<br /><br />That’s when we heard a noise. “Is there a party?”. 5 streets at the age of 15-16<br />the child… we were already naked. We couldn’t even talk. 3 of them are two of me<br />he held my girlfriend. One of the people holding my girlfriend pulled a knife out of her hand.<br />I think it was their leader. “If you make difficulties, you will both die. Both<br />and we’ll fuck it and then we’ll release it." said. I was shocked when I heard.<br />Then he called out to his friends and said, “I’m going to fuck them both first. It’s my treat<br />no one will get involved first." said. Then they all undressed. 4’s is too much<br />it wasn’t great. It was about the size of mine, but their leader’s was less than 20cm<br />he was tall.<br /><br />My girlfriend and I were shocked when we saw it too. He went to my girlfriend first.<br />She spat on her pussy and cock. Then he put it on my girlfriend’s pussy.<br />My darling was screaming in screams. He was in a lot of pain. To Cry<br />it had begun. Fortunately, the child quickly ejaculated. My darling had saved her turn.<br /><br />Then to fuck a boy with a cock the size of my cock<br />it started, my dear… their leader came up to me and said, ”It’s your turn, faggot."<br />He doted on me. Two people were holding me. He spat on my ass and fingered<br />he began to gitgel. I was starting to get annoyed inside. Was I enjoying it<br />i wonder if… then he spat his dick out and put it on my ass. Barely sticking the tip in<br />he had succeeded. After a couple of trips, he suddenly rooted. So much pain in life<br />I don’t remember taking it. I gave a terrible scream. He ejaculated first<br />for this time he did not know how to cum. His big cock is in my ass every time<br />he was pushing in and out. 10 minutes had passed and he still hadn’t ejaculated. This<br />I was starting to like it Decently too. it was empty after 20 minutes.<br />I had also enjoyed it greatly. Then the others took turns fucking the two of us. Most<br />I enjoyed their leadership a lot. They let us go, as they said.<br />Of course, they also took my money.<br /><br />Two months after the incident, I went to a central Anatolian city to ask for an appointment.<br />I changed my phone number. I don’t know how my darling is now

Added on: December 17, 2022