Blonde chick is like a sex machine.


slm i’m vandan gökan I’m a young man 1.67 tall it’s not a story I’m going to tell<br />it is a completely lived love 3 years ago at the age of 20<br />i got married.when i was single, I always wanted to be the wife of our neighbor Ali, in my mind<br />even when I took a bath, he was always there, my only dream is that your soul is gorgeous<br />it was touching his body.i had it in my head I was going to fuck him.i got married, but what’s the use<br />forgetting her, I was coming from the bazaar one day, their house was at the end of our garden<br />I saw him on the road calling out to his child.when you see me, put your hand between your skirt Dec<br />he was poking and stroking her buttocks.i said I wonder if he wants me .Dec. 2-3 weeks<br />it was past.we were going to play a game with friends in the field on Sunday from the garden<br />i was on my way to the field, I was just passing in front of their house, and I<br />called out.i’m sorry, there’s no one at home, help me lift the couch<br />he said he would pull the rug out from under you.i know the opportunity and it’s okay now<br />I said.their house was crowded, but there was no one else there, I went inside the bed<br />we went to her room, I lifted the sofa, bent over to remove the carpet, and she’s gorgeous<br />the breasts were right in front of me, I was focusing on them, and suddenly he looked at me and<br />he said where are you looking, and I said no.he said he liked it very much.mine<br />i said who wouldn’t like it, he said would you like to see it more clearly, I said yes<br />my god, what a bra she didn’t wear on her chest like that, straight breasts with pink tips<br />he said would you like to taste like it, who could say no to that.immediately<br />i was squeezed, I started breasts, she left herself to suck her ends<br />there was no salvation anymore, I was going to fuck the woman I dreamed of.breasts<br />after sucking it thoroughly, I was in a hurry in the beer and took it out at once<br />dress.only the black weight was left at the your belly button<br />after licking it, it was time for the honey box.I handed out on the bed<br />i took off the weight like that, and here was this terrible sight in front of me, so beautiful<br />i first ran my tongue over her pussy and then<br />he opened it well with his hands, I was putting my pussy into my tongue and taking it out of mine<br />he was so hardened that I was afraid for a moment that it would break, he said it was my turn and<br />we changed places, and when he put down my sweatpants, he just looked at me and laughed.has started<br />i was licking my vacuuming so nice that I didn’t cum myself<br />i was boring.after licking it thoroughly, he came and sat on my lap from the bottom of mine<br />he grabbed it and sat right on it, took it in at once, and I started from the bottom<br />i was hitting the pump like I was a machine and then I was domaled<br />i went from the back to the front, the bitch was slapping my balls from the bottom with her hand, buddha more<br />it made me do it fast.i’ve never asked the soul if I want your ass<br />he said he didn’t, so I said I’d do it first, and he the room<br />niwea had hand cream after licking her asshole thoroughly, i rubbed cream<br />after rubbing on my cock, I put his head to squeeze himself<br />started.I felt comfortable, too. it hurts at first, but then you enjoy it<br />I said.he didn’t say anything.slowly, then, he slipped into a lop<br />i stopped for a while, then I started speeding up, nafise took the pillow in her mouth<br />he was gearing up, he was enjoying it as I sped up, come on, darling, my man, tear up<br />she was screaming smash me i’m your slave i was just about to cum<br />i said take it in your mouth, i can’t take it, I’ve never tried, he said nothing, I said he couldn’t break it<br />I emptied it all on his tongue, he could swallow half of it.later<br />he kissed me on the lips and he can do it whenever you want from now on,n<br />said.he later admitted that his uncle’s bride Fatmada joined us Dec<br />I have to say that fatma’s 2 children fuck more spectacularly than the soul.

Added on: November 17, 2022