Bespectacled Blonde Rika Fane Is Drunk And Wants To Have Sex


Hi, I’m kenan, I’m 31 years old and I live in Ankara, what happened to you<br />I want to tell you about a wonderful moment.. i was running a grocery store<br />it was about 3 years ago… a lady shopper from our market<br />we were doing it, don’t ask, beautiful 23-year-old 1.70 tall 55*60<br />at her weight, brunette blue lake was a great chick..her name is Emel ..customers<br />we would order and serve them at home.we were serving emele, but I<br />even though I wanted to go to her service because I was afraid of her misunderstanding<br />i couldn’t go, Emel came to the market one day, I bought him tea for about a<br />we chatted for hours.. we were smimi with him now. one morning tlf rang<br />and emeldi the caller had asked for bread and margarine for breakfast this time<br />i went to the service and when I came to his door and knocked on the door, so much<br />i was excited, don’t ask… emel opened it with a red nightgown on<br />I didn’t expect to see the door like this.. this morning a<br />that was great, emel. because she doesn’t have a bra in her, her body lines are literally<br />I could tell.. -good morning, said emel, after greeting, I handed the bag<br />emel -he asked me if you wanted to have breakfast, and I didn’t have any<br />without Decanting, of course, I said, by the way, his wife is early before breakfast<br />it came out today.he took me inside and we sat at the table, my eyes from him<br />i couldn’t separate it.I told him – you are very beautiful and attractive today, the room thanked him.<br />we Decamped for breakfast, one day Emel got up and went to the hall for what<br />when I heard the music he was leaving, he put a slow cd on the stereo. I<br />taking courage from this, odu danced waiting for the end of breakfast<br />I raised it.yes, I started dancing.he has his hands on my shoulder and I have his<br />i put it around your waist. we never talked when we started dancing, my shoulder<br />she leaned over me, so I whispered in her ear -emel, you’re so beautiful, my mind<br />i hugged you a little tighter when I said you were taking it out of my head<br />emele.when I didn’t react to this, my hands moved from her waist to her hips<br />he was starting to slip, slowly.then my lips to your lips<br />I pulled him closer and gave him a little kiss. he was just shutting me up<br />so my courage increased. this time your lips are like that<br />and yes, yes, he was starting to respond to me.wet and<br />after hot kisses, my tongue slid from her lips to her chin.later<br />i landed on your neck just by touching your skin with the tip of my tongue then your ear<br />i reached for her tits, licked her tits and tip of my tongue in each of her ears<br />as soon as I touched it, Emel started moaning.i came to your bouna again<br />and on your shoulders licking your shoulders with my tongue the straps of your nightgown<br />from the shoulders down kaydırdı from my night to your feet<br />the thought of emel was left only with his red weight, I hugged him and<br />i took him into the bedroom and put him to tongue had started its task again<br />this time I was licking her nipples, emelin’s breasts were amazing and<br />her nipples were blistered like nuts. after her breasts, I went down to her belly button<br />from there, it was now on her pussy lips, first with my tongue on her pussy lips<br />after soaking, I licked her clit, my tongue slowly caressed her lips<br />he was beginning to Decamp between them.the smell of her cunt was wonderful.yes now<br />my tongue was moving around the most sensitive areas of her cunt now, the waters of pleasure of ambition<br />we had to keep. he was moaning, emel, but what a groan. then he robbed me, but<br />he never spoke during all doing the same to him<br />then he licked my dick all the way to my balls and finished. i have it now<br />I couldn’t be patient in the room. i Decked her legs, got between her and fucked her cunt<br />i started rubbing my dick on your lips thoroughly with emelin’s pleasure waters<br />he was soaked. emel is no longer a dayanam

Added on: November 30, 2022