Beautiful Girl Exposes Her Tattooed Body And Agrees To Sex Near The Road


i’m Yunus from Istanbul. College<br />the adventure I had in Antalya, where I went<br />i want to share. With my darling Coy<br />to date by meeting in the school canteen<br />we started. In different departments of the same faculty<br />we were reading. 1 Week since we met<br />we were well into lover mode when he passed.<br />But the most I can do is kiss her and<br />it was to be able to touch. He had bothered me now, what<br />no matter what, this work goes further<br />I was going to take.<br />When I invited the coy one home, my roommates<br />I sent it with an excuse. A little slow music<br />and I started to get closer with dancing. Coy too<br />he was excited and more or less understood my intentions.<br />I was pressed to your lips, while dancing<br />we started making love. He was thoroughly flushed. My Hand<br />i threw it at her breasts, she wasn’t making a sound, but<br />for some reason he was being timid. Anymore<br />my cock was in the process of piercing my pants.<br />I took the coy’s hand and took it to my dick. Coy<br />when he starts stroking my dick, I also feel that his<br />i grabbed your awesome big ass. Both<br />we were in the mood to make love thoroughly. In Your Ear<br />when I said I wanted him like crazy, I bent down and a<br />flutter ida took out my dick and started licking it. Full<br />when I said that this had happened, the Nazlı’s phone rang.<br />All the ambience was destroyed in an instant…<br />We packed up, he answered the phone. Seeker<br />it was her sister, she was at the door because she didn’t have a key<br />it’s up. Nazli also said that she should go home<br />it was like my world fell apart when I said it. Will do<br />there was nothing. “Okay, are you home<br />I’ll leave!I said. We jumped into my car with that nerve<br />we got to his house not long ago. Nazli’s older sister<br />he knew from my facial expression that I was broken<br />it must be, “If I had known that you were together<br />I wouldn’t have called…” he said. Also, “it’s not important.”<br />I was going to say, “I’m going to change and<br />i’ll be out right now, my parents are at my aunts,<br />they’re coming tomorrow, come in too, one<br />you drink coffee and go like that!" said. Nazlıya<br />i looked, she is also from this offer of her sister<br />he will like that , it seems to me that this is the opportunity<br />he was looking at it like it was an opportunity. "Well, a coffee<br />then I’ll have a drink.” I said, all together upstairs<br />we got out…<br />The older sister immediately went to her room and changed<br />and “Have fun to you!” he said and left the house.<br />So I’ll go to the kitchen and make coffee<br />I put my prepared Nazli on the counter. Coy<br />he left what he had and turned to my lips<br />were. He kisses her and says“ "This time<br />i will not leave it unfinished, my love!" he was saying.<br />Tim went crazy when I heard that. Your pussy<br />i started stroking. “Come on to Mom’s bed<br />let’s go, fuck me there!" by saying, making love to me<br />he took her to his mother’s bedroom. Anymore<br />tearing apart what’s on us<br />we were taking it out. When I took off her blouse, she<br />as if she will overflow from the resulting black bra<br />i immediately fell into her standing breasts. He is also<br />he attacked my T-shirt and took it off and<br />“Come on, hurry up, fuck me, my love!" said. Anymore<br />i also had a movie ripped off, in fact, like that from him<br />I wasn’t expecting a rampage. Why at that moment<br />i don’t know what I said, but, “You too , us<br />I’ll fuck your sister who interrupted too!” I just said.<br />Nazli suddenly paused and with a strange expression<br />he looked at my face…<br />I’m from the grass, ‘Alas sucks a sack of figs<br />I made it!’ while thinking, “Come on, am im<br />is on fire!” he said and put it to my lips again.<br />Will I stop now, your Nazlın<br />take off your pants with a rp ida and your thong<br />i got fucking buried in it. Moaning like crazy,<br />"Spread my pussy, man, fuck me, your cum<br />empty it into me!” he was saying and gassing up thoroughly<br />me. I immediately took off her thong and fucked her<br />and I started licking her pussy ass. Coy<br />he passed out thoroughly and came out trembling. O<br />when you enter the slippery pussy in one move, pleasure<br />the pain is all mixed up together. Fuck every<br />at my entrance, he leaned himself against me and said, "Sok<br />man, root!" he was saying. Like crazy<br />i was pumping. I was about to cum full,<br />“Let it come easy!” we were startled by a voice. Older sister<br />he was looking at us through the door.<br />I was in shock. My dick shrank with that excitement.<br />Nazli, ”Sister, I can explain …"<br />he started babbling. The older sister was tucked next to us<br />and “You’re going to sit your sister on this cock too<br />bitch, otherwise my dads will find out everything!”<br />when he threatened, he was shocked once again<br />i have been, but at the same time the worlds are mine<br />It has happened.<br />It turns out that these sister sisters are in the soul of a bitch<br />what happened was a prostitute. Nazli immediately got out of bed<br />he got up and said to his sister, “Come then<br />bitch, let em get up too, it just came out of my pussy,<br />i’ll fuck your ass too!" said. I shock<br />I was in shock over it. The coy older sister<br />while undressing, he started kissing her shoulders. I<br />i was looking at him in a dull state, saying“ "What<br />you’re stopping, put your cock in my sister’s mouth!”<br />shouted. I am in a stupid way<br />i put my fucking dick in her sister’s mouth. Coy<br />after robbing her sister, behind her sister’s back<br />she passed by and got stuck in her ass, started licking it.<br />After licking a little and looking at me,<br />“You wanted to fuck my sister, here’s my pussy and her ass<br />yours too, but don’t forget about me too!” he said, and<br />he kept licking her ass. The older sister also<br />moaning from pleasure and saying, “Get off my pussy, bitch, pussy<br />lick it!" she gives orders and to suck my dick<br />was going on. In her sister’s mouth at that moment it is<br />i cum once, my cum is directly down your throat<br />gushed…<br />With a coy agile movement, her sister’s<br />he pulled up behind her and said, “Don’t swallow it all, bitch!”<br />he said and kissed his sister lip to lip<br />they started. My cum in each other’s mouths<br />he was spitting and kissing again. I also shock<br />i got over it and licked her sister’s pussy<br />i was put up. I was licking her pussy like crazy.<br />How long did her sister cum<br />i don’t remember, it’s just, “Fuck me, spread it out<br />all over me!” he was moaning. Coy too<br />she was pressed into my cock. Sucking and licking<br />after lifting my cock again, he said, “Come on<br />fuck that bitch, shut up too!" said.<br />I moved into her sister’s pussy and at the first move<br />i rooted. The blood from her sister came out “Iiiihhhh!” so<br />after a short painful moan, to go back and forth<br />I started. I had picked up the pace. Nazlıyi<br />i was kissing and fucking her sister. "Faster, more<br />fast! big sister moaning that she has a jerking orgasm<br />when it happened, he said, "I’m coming too!” I said, and<br />I am Tight I pulled from. My Older Sister’s dick<br />he emptied her by grabbing her breasts and pulling 31<br />me. Nazli is also from her sister’s breasts<br />after licking my cum, light a cigarette and<br />we got some rest.<br />Then all three of us went naked into the kitchen,<br />we were sick to our stomachs. Something like breakfast<br />we prepared and ate. We brewed tea, tea cigarettes<br />we had pleasure. Then he said coyly, “My pussy<br />my ass is burning, I’m telling you both!" said.<br />Her sister also put a kiss on my lips<br />and “Come on, my love, get up, fuck the bell’s pussy<br />let’s spread it out!" said. We got up and went to the bedroom<br />we went to. To take the Decadent between me and make love<br />we started. That night until the morning,<br />in every position that comes to mind, both<br />i’ve fucked her in the pussy ass so many times. Latest<br />i cum in her sister’s pussy and through<br />we slept without taking off…<br />I woke up in the morning with the moaning of Nazli,<br />her sister was licking her pussy buried. Morning<br />after fucking them one more time in the morning<br />i left there and went to my house. Now what<br />when the house is empty, the group until the morning<br />we’re doing.<br />When we fuck, sometimes coyly jokingly say“ "Your mother<br />fuck!” I say. And he said, “You fucked my sister<br />as if that wasn’t enough, now keep your eyes on mom<br />did you sew it?” he says. But the older sister said“ "Dick my love,<br />fuck my mom too! Don’t listen to this bitch,<br />I’m going to include my mother in the group somehow!”<br />says. Now my fantasy is these big ass<br />fucking with their mother .<br />I’m looking forward to it with curiosity and excitement, and with that ambition<br />i fuck your daughters, Aunt Nermin! You<br />i get excited imagining i’m fucking

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