Beauties who want to make a group.


he said there was no name for you that day, so I said okay, honey, and I kissed him, and then I thought<br />i picked it up and said I was going home, I left him<br /><br />When I got home, I told my wife how it was and she surprised me<br />he listened and told me<br /><br />” did you have a very exciting night and I guess it was enjoyable<br />ahhhhhhh kesek wouldn’t it be if I could watch you”" he said<br /><br />then we laughed and I told him that he would come to us tomorrow and we would talk, I said<br />My wife said tama super yaaaa<br /><br />yes, this is also the real story that I live, friends, I hope<br />you are loved<br /><br />with my love

Added on: November 5, 2022