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My Horny Sister-in-Law’s Older Sister Eda<br /><br />hi, I told you about my sister-in-law and continued with her sister-in-law. my sister-in-law<br />after he made love until the evening; he went to sleep and got up in the morning and had breakfast<br />we did, and we were going to continue the unfinished business (i.e. the house<br />heat).While collecting, my brother came at 11 o’clock and he was tired and went to bed immediately.Dec. 2-3<br />after an hour, my sister-in-law’s sister came.After the three of us packed up the house<br />we all had dinner together around 17 o’clock.sister eda said would you take her home and<br />my sister-in-law said she would take me right away, so I said tmm, we went on the road.<br /><br />on the way, I said to me, do you have a girlfriend, there is no tongue (no way, because now<br />my aunt varrr..). why wouldn’t a handsome guy like you have a girlfriend for me right now<br />when I said that I didn’t have a beautiful person like you, we came home iiiiiiii<br />when he wished me evening, he said there is no one at home, he said let’s talk a little, I have<br />I’m okded.<br /><br />we went home, he told me to buy something comfortable for me, and I’m coming<br />i said, he said he wouldn’t go near him, I said ok, but through the keyhole<br />i was looking at a slut with a red thong under her ; on top of her shoulders<br />when you wear something like a sheet that comes up to your laptop and go out, immediately<br />i went into the room and came to me and said, what do you drink, what do I have in my tongue, come<br />let’s see, he said, and he opened the branch and looked, aaa, there was a coke, and while bending down, his ass<br />your picture was in front of me and I immediately fell on it as if it happened by mistake, but<br />he looked at me and smiled and left, ayaaaa, we passed the drink to me from me<br />he said he liked it, so I said eet.<br /><br />when he asked me my age, I said 19, the room immediately told me I was 25, by the way, Dec 6<br />he said there’s an age difference, I said love doesn’t have an age, he smiled and went to him<br />while clinging to his lips, n’epion said no, he said no, move away, I said<br />i said no, I said I want to make love to you, I immediately put my hand between my legs Decently<br />i started dipping and caressing him, he bites me everywhere, but in vain<br />more less<br /><br />And at the end he gave up, licking her breasts, and we were both naked, she<br />i was thinking of going through the back and giving it to her mouth because she’s a virgin<br />.i put my dick in his mouth and made him suck.i licked his, too.what’s the pleasure<br />before I knew it was done, I said I wanted it in me, so immediately, of course, diiieerek<br />she whitewashes on her pussy, come on, come on, shove it now, smash me<br />and then I suddenly entered ahhhhhhhhh diererk and I was like crazy<br />I’m sikiod him.<br /><br />and I ejaculated on her, there was blood coming out of her pussy, she cried, but I<br />i got carried away, left my kandimiunu oyle, ate and said goodbye. home<br />i went 1 hour later, I checked my way to see how it was, but the door<br />i stole it, I looked, did you open it, he said, and my heart didn’t like you like that<br />I told him to quit and leave.but he couldn’t even walk in his room<br />you passed by and smashed me when you kissed me and we kissed on your lips now<br />we kissed and said we could make love whenever I wanted, whenever he wanted<br />vce i’m back home

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