A teenager who fucks his mother without mercy.


And they got off the bike, she kicked me in the face and<br />he was standing..my lips had burst..That I am someone who loves so much pain<br />I didn’t know..He asked me to lick his bloody shoes…he wanted me to lick them with my tongue.<br />i licked it good…how he was laughing..<br />You will always be my dog from now on… if you don’t listen to me, man<br />i’ll make you swallow my friend’s sperm…well, sir, I said…..Kah<br />kaha threw…his friend got on the bike..they were leaving now..That girl’s bike<br />he was waiting for her to get on…The girl moved next to me, saying one second…<br />i saw his boots moving towards my face and he ran forward quickly<br />with the tip of his boot, he kicks me first in the stomach and then in the face again attı..Ve<br />collecting saliva in his throat, he pressed it down my throat and into my mouth<br />he spat.She went to her boyfriend..kissed him on the lips..In O<br />here he said you’re my daughter he said you’re a wonder…<br />The girl probably said that such dogs need to be taught a lesson, and she mocked me<br />he looked somehow, then they quickly parted, but the girl’s laughter<br />their cries were almost echoing

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Added on: October 25, 2022